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Fox Fables Polish English Bilingual Book Retold by Dawn Casey; Illustrated by Jago

A perfect introduction to traditional fables. In the first clever fable, Fox invites Crane to tea but gives her a flat dish so she can't eat any food. When it...

She Doesn't Want the Worms! A Mystery - Spanish and English with online secrets

More Spanish Children's Books or Read Harry Potter in Spanish An activity book about a girl who responds to some unusual gifts--that happen to be alive—She Doesn’t Want the Worms has text and...
Sounds in the House! A Mystery

Sounds in the House! A Mystery

Have you ever been scared by strange noises—sounds that seem to happen all by themselves? What could be causing those squeaks and bumps? Nothing to fear, there’s only fun here...

Sounds in the House! Sonidos en la casa: A Mystery (in English & Spanish)

Sounds in the House is a rollicking picture book that shows the causes of those creaks and bumps that scare young and old on dark nights—a comical bedtime story on fear, courage, and friendship.  Have...
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