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Introduction to Choctaw

More Choctaw... A primer for learning to speak, read, and write Choctaw, this program consists of two 60-minute CDs and a 64-page companion workbook in an attractive, sturdy three-ring binder....

Conversational Choctaw

More Choctaw... Learn Choctaw with three lessons on one CD with no workbook, just listen and repeat! This method of learning has been proven in schools, universities and language programs all over...

Choctaw-English Dictionary Cyrus Byington

More Choctaw... Edited by John Swanton and submitted to the Bureau of Ethnology on April 22, 1909, this dictionary has been the standard for the Choctaw language, and a "must-have"...

Choctaw for Kids

More Choctaw... Developed by the Choctaw Nation for teachers, moms and grandmoms to teach their children. The program is currently being used to teach the fundamentals of the language in...

Introduction to Choctaw

2 Cds and 55-page workbook. Charley Jones will have you speaking Choctaw before you know it! Charley was a beloved member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Price included shipping....

Choctaw Singing CD

Fast and Free Shipping! More Choctaw... Choctaw Singing allows you to hear the blending of two very different cultures as Charley sings some Christian hymns, as well as the Choctaw...

Talohoah Momah

Talohoah Momah in Choctaw means, "they are still singing." Booklet and CD with Introductory explanation and songs. Also has Lords Prayer and 23rd Psalm in Choctaw. Price includes shipping. Product...

Legends of the Choctaw

More Choctaw... Booklet and CD with Charley Jones. Hear stories of the Little People of the Choctaw! Price includes shipping. Product Detail: Nanih Waiya (Choctaw Creation Story), Konwi Anukasha (the...

Choctaw Language Sampler Program

Fast and Free Shipping!    More Choctaw... Phrase booklet and 1 hour CD. Charley Jones, noted Choctaw speaker and historian, gives a beautiful sampling of the Choctaw language.  Product Detail:...

Choctaw for Kids, K-3 Language Program

More Choctaw... Easy to use workbook and CDs for adults to teach their young children Choctaw words and phrases. Written by the Choctaw Nation, Charley Jones is the speaker. Product...
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