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De Kleine Prins Little Prince in Dutch

The Little Prince makes a great gift or language learning tool for intermediate learners.  This is the Dutch Edition. Hardcover or paperback available.
Dino Dutch DVD Course for Children

Dino Dutch DVD Course for Children

Kids love learning with Dvd courses and the Dino Dutch uses the medium well. Your child will learn colors, numbers, family members, how to speak and how to understand Dutch from these...

Dutch Linguaphone Comprehensive Acquisition Bundle

$475.00 $175.00
The Comprehensive Acquisition Bundle   Fast and Free Shipping! On closeout sale!! The Linguaphone Comprehensive Acquisition Course is truly comprehensive instruction. The power and effectiveness of this course is due...

Dutch EuroTalk's Gift Set

Contains Vocabulary Builder, Talk Now, Talk More, World Talk, and Movie Talk(available for English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian - all other complete sets include a Talk More extras disc including the 'Where on Earth' geography game instead.) ...

Harry Potter en de steen der wijzen Dutch version of Harry Potter Philosopher Stone

Now you can read or give the fantastic gift of Harry Potter in the Dutch Language buy book one the Philosopher Stone or the Whole set. Hardcover Free Shipping, in...
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