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Get all three levels of Street Speak books in PDF and audio in MP3 plus 25 best slang words in video sent when completed. All on a handy 8GB USb flash drive.


Slangman David Burke is a language expert on slang and has put together a number of series with books, audio CDs and cassettes teaching the most popular slang and idioms. The Street Speak Series focuses on American slang and idioms, while The Biz Speak Series teaches slang, idioms, and jargon used in business English, and an ESL videoThe Slangman Guide to Understanding American English Through American Culture. And for Spanish, French, and Italian, there is Street SpanishStreet French, and Street Italian, each of which focuses on slang in the respective language.




Each lesson in the series is divided into four parts:

  • Warm up:
    Gets the juice flowing by getting you to think about what an idiomatic expression might mean, using picture clues to give hints.
  • Dialogue: 
    Dialogue presented in three forms: dialogue using slang and idioms; the dialogue translated into literal speech; and the dialogue as it would be spoken and pronounced by real speakers, with the colloquial sounds that are common in non-formal American speech.
  • Vocabulary:
    A detailed explanation of the word, with examples as it used in a sentence; a literal translation of the sentence; and the sentence as it would be colloquially pronounced.
  • Practice exercises:
    To further cement one's understanding, using approaches like writing stories, word games, crossword puzzles, etc.
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