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Latvian-English Translator - Translate phrases from Latvian to English, and also in the other direction.
Latviešu valodas skaidrojoša vardnica - Online monolingual dictionary for Latvian.
English-Latvian Dictionary - Online bilingual Latvian-English dictionary.
Latvian Online Dictionary - Online monolingual dictionary for Latvian, with mobile version.
Letonika Latvian Multilingual Dictionary - Online bilingual dictionaries for Latvian-English, Latvian-German, and Latvian-Russian.
LingvoSoft Latvian-English Online Dictionary - Bilingual Latvian-English dictionary; site also includes a multilingual dictionary with 25 languages.
Ectaco Online Latvian-English Dictionary - Latvian-English bilingual dictionary; site also includes 21 other languages. Latvian Dictionaries - A free Latvian bilingual dictionary for English. Browsable online, with word searches, and downloadable data files.