Platiquemos Course Levels 1-8

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Now every copy includes a free year to the Platiquemos Club, with our new online version, games, videos, quizzes and cartoons. 

Become fluent in Spanish! Learn to converse, read and understand Spanish.


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"5.0 out of 5 stars Got to be simply the best and most complete self learning Spanish course"

"The course that works" has been completely revised and improved by Don Casteel, and Multilingual Books This edition has improved audio, with both male and female voices, more than 200 illustrations, and trivia. The content is more contemporary than ever, while retaining the language and grammar that have made this the most widely sold course on the language market. 


4 Stars!! Polyglots love it, Lawrence Eagleburger former Secretary of State suggests it you can become fluent in Spanish with it!

 Eight levels are available to lead you to mastery of Spanish. Once completed you will be able to understand spoken and written Spanish; it will also allow you to actively engage in conversations with an abundant vocabulary of several thousand words.

Platiquemos comes with a Book and 6-8 CDs per level. You can also buy the Download Edition with all the content in digital format, with MP3 audio and text in PDF format. With each purchase of the full Book and CD edition you will also receive a free digital version!

"I know of no method of teaching a foreign language that even approaches the quality of the Platiquemos program." Lawrence S. Eagleburger, former Secretary of State, April 1998  

We love offering Platiquemos because our customers love it and learn from it.