"Fearless" - Joel Osteen - Courageous Living Every Day" 2 CD/1 DVD Set

Joel Osteen
"Fearless – Courageous Living Every Day"
“Freedom from Fear is Yours”
CD/DVD Series


You are a child of the Most High God!  Your destiny is too great and your time is too valuable to let fear intimidate you.   

When fear knocks, you can choose to answer with faith.  You can come into agreement with God’s promises instead of coming into agreement with fear. 


In this special 3-message resource, Joel Osteen encourages you to stay positive in your thought life and believe that God is in control of every situation in your life.  You’ll discover that as you activate your faith, you will experience more victory and enjoy life more than you ever thought possible.  Get ready to walk in freedom!


The teachings will help you:

  • Recognize mindsets that are holding you back
  • Come into agreement with God’s Word rather than the lies of the enemy
  • Change the way you think in order to see new victories
  • Call things that are not as though they were




CD 1          Activate Faith – Not Fear

                  You Can Handle it

CD 2          Know Who You Are


DVD 1       Activate Faith – Not Fear

                  You Can Handle it

                  Know Who You Are

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