Assimil French With Ease Book and CD Version


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-This version includes an useful book and 4 cd's

The language methods devised and published by Assimil feature :

  • A course book with between 60 and 146 lessons, depending on the language.
  • Short, daily lessons with humorous drawings, which make the learner familiar with the new language through intuitive assimilation.


Every seventh lesson includes a review of the grammar and vocabulary points presented during the week. A series of notes provides information about the civilization and culture of the country. Recordings are three or four audio cassettes (or compact discs).

The texts are read by professional actors who are native speakers of the target language. The speed of presentation picks up progressively as the learner becomes more at ease with the material. The recordings are a vital aid for self-study. In addition to allowing the learner to hear the language in a variety of authentic situations, they help to train the ear and improve pronunciation. For some languages, Assimil publishes an advanced course, which enables the learner to go beyond everyday conversation.

Assimil language courses for French, German, Italian, and Spanish speakers, and ESL language courses for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish speakers are also available.

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