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Welcome to our Navajo language page, featuring books, courses, and software for Navajo. Navajo is an Athabaskan language of the Navajo spoken in southwest of the United States. It is one of the few Southern Athabaskan languages (most existing in Canada and Alaska). Navajo is the most spoken Native American language within the United States, with nearly 150,000 native speakers, and this number has been increasing. 
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    Speak Navajo

    This intermediate program features 2 CDs and a 167 page workbook and assumes the learner has some command of basic Navajo. Speak Navajo encompasses verb usage in all forms and...

    Breakthrough Navajo

    This beginning language audio/workbook program was developed by Alan Wilson, formerly Professor of Navajo Language at the University of New Mexico, with the assistance of native Navajo speakers. This self-study program...

    Dine: A History of the Navajos Peter Iverson, Monty Roessel

    This comprehensive narrative traces the history of the Navajos from their origins to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Based on extensive archival research, traditional accounts, interviews, historic and contemporary...

    In Search of History: Navajo Code Talkers (DVD, NTSC Region 1)

    More Native American Language Courses.. This DVD documentary from The History Channel tells of the Navajo Indians' contribution to the United States and the Allied Forces during World War II. Even...

    Breakthrough and Speak Navajo Courses

    Together, these two courses form a beginning and intermediate program for learning Navajo. Breakthrough Navajo is a beginning program which will not only give instruction in the Navajo language, but will also...

    Laughter the Navajo Way - Literature on CD

    Literature on audio recordings is a great way to learn and enjoy a language. This recording is in Navajo and contains entertaining Navajo stories read by native speakers. An English...

    An Ethnologic Dictionary of the Navaho Language An Ethnologic Dictionary of the Navaho Language

    First published iearly last century, An Ethnological Dictionary of the Navajo Language is still the standard and most complete work of traditional Navajo life, customs, religion and material culture. It uniquely...

    Coyote Tales Navajo bilingual children book

    The original Navajo Coyote Tales - beautifully colorized. For the first time since the stories were published in 1949, children and adults can read the tales of Coyote the Trickster...

    Navajo Tradition and Change in the Southwest -Like New

    In Navajo, author Wolfgang Lindig and photographer Helga Tiews chronicle the historic, cultural societal progress of the largest group of Native Americans in the United States. Descendents of the 14th Century...

    True Whispers: Story of Navajo Code Talkers New DVD

    Title: True Whispers: Story of Navajo Code Talkers Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Documentary UPC: 841887008907 Condition: Brand New, Un-played, No Rental Version Region: DVD: 1 (US, Canada...) Rated: NR Original Year: 2002 Closed Caption: Y Run Time: 60 minutes

    A Navajo/English Bilingual Dictionary: Alchini Bi Naaltsoostsoh

    A Navajo/English Bilingual Dictionary: Alchini Bi Naaltsoostsoh  This practical, handy, Navajo dictionary is intended primarily for Navajo children learning to read and write the language in bi-lingual classrooms. It presents over...


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