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You will find many great products here for  Cherokee which is a southern Iroquoian language spoken by Native Americans in the United States, and is a polysynthetic language, meaning that its words are composed of many morphemes. If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please use contact form, email-  or give us a call AT 800-609-6211. Free on-line Native American Dictionaries

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    Introduction to Cherokee Language Program

    Introduction to Cherokee Language Program

    Cherokee speaker Sam Hider developed this method in the early 70s which has become a standard for Indian language learning programs. It has been endorsed by the Cherokee Nation of...

    Cherokee Parenting Phrases (Audio CD)

    Fast and Free Shipping 2-6 Days anywhere in the US. Get started right with useful Cherokee Parenting phrases. This Cd of Cherokee phrases and vocabulary used in everyday life is...

    If You Lived With The Cherokees (Paperback)

    Part of a great series by Connie Roop and Peter Roop about how it might have been living 150 years ago. 

    Cherokee Complete Set Beginning and Intermediate

    $275.00 $145.00
    Fast and Free Shipping! This comprehensive course, will teach you how to speak Cherokee.  You will get both the Introduction to Cherokee program and the intermediate programs in one large ring...

    Cherokee Eastern Language Sampler Program (Eastern) Audio CD

    Learn Eastern Cherokee with this useful primer. Includes a CD and booklet. Listen and repeat style to learn words and phrases of the Eastern Cherokee. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Syllabary...

    Beginning Cherokee Book and Cd's by Ruth Bradley Holmes and Betty Sharp Smith

    Fast and Free Shipping This book, the first of it's kind, teaches the rudiments of Cherokee, which is the native tongue of about 20,000 Americans, although most of those who...
    Cherokee Language Coach CDs

    Cherokee Language Coach CDs

    Do you ever wish you had a Cherokee speaker with you at all times? Of course! That would be great! Now it is possible. With the Introduction to Cherokee program...

    Cherokee Reference Grammar Bilingual Edition

    The most up date Cherokee Grammar book, written by Brad Montgomery-Anderson. Cherokee Language, Culture & The Non-Reservation Indian Experience  

    Cherokee Teacher's Supplement

    Developed as lesson plans for Gregg Howard's language classes, these materials work well for individual or classroom study. Contains CD with Syllabary pronunciation.

    Cherokee Western Dialect Language Sampler Program (Western) Audio CD

    Western Cherokee Language Sampler Program. Audio CD And booklet. 1. Introduction 2. syllabary 3. Numbers 4. Helpful Phrases 5. Assistance 6. Food Phrases 7. Fruits and Vegtables 8. Vocabulary 9....

    Cherokee-English Dictionary Hardcover – 1975 by Durbin Feeling

    A classic and out of print book, so copies may be like new or very good plus. This is the dictionary by Durbin feeling

    Intermediate Cherokee Language Series CD

    This five-module CD program takes you from the Introduction to Cherokee program through five intermediate programs in one large ring binder. Best Intermediate program available today! Listening to the voices...

    New English-Cherokee Dictionary: Second Edition

    You will learn many useful words and have  handy reference with the New English-Cherokee Dictionary is designed to help the beginning to intermediate student expand their vocabulary and easily translate the basic...

    speak Cherokee right now

    32-page pamphlet. A phonetic guide to speaking the language of the Cherokee now!

    Easy to use Cherokee Dictionary

    103 pages of English words with their Cherokee equivalent in both Cherokee letters and English sound equivalents making it simple for anyone to pronounce the word in Cherokee. Also contains...

    English / Cherokee Dictionary Words R Us Bi-lingual Dictionaries

    238 pages Cherokee is a Southern Iroquoian language now spoken by around 22,500 people in North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. In 2005, the Cherokee Preservation Foundation funded a survey whose...

    Cherokee Language Lessons

    222 pages You are about to embark on a journey of learning the Cherokee Language. One of the keys to acquiring a new language is to learn the patterns that...

    Animal Colors Cherokee English Bilingual Kids Board Book

    Cherokee/English board book edition. Discover the world of animals in a kaleidoscope of vibrant color! Enjoy animals from every color of the rainbow, then expand the concept with animals in...

    Cherokee Bilingual Coloring Book A-B-C

    9" x 11" English - Cherokee. Bilingual Coloring Book
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