Native American Online Language Dictionaries

  Abenaki Dictionaries

Joseph Laurent's New familiar Abenakis and English dialogues - Online graphic facsimile reproduction of Joseph Laurent's New familiar Abenakis and English dialogues: the first ever published on the grammatical system; an Abenakis-English dictionary and grammar of the language, published in 1884.
The Abenaki Language - Vocabulary and grammar for the Abenaki language.



  Alabama Dictionaries



  Arapaho Dictionaries

Dictionary Of The Northern Arapaho Language - HTML English-Arapaho dictionary is a revised version of the original produced in 1983 by Zdenek Salzmann and the Arapaho Language and Culture Commission (ALCC) for the Northern Arapaho tribe on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.



  Catawba Dictionaries

Catawba-English Dictionary - HTML English-Catawba dictionary, indexed alphabetically and by categories.



  Cherokee Dictionaries

White Dove's Cherokee Dictionary - English-Cherokee and Cherokee-English dictionary, with syllabary and phonetic transcriptions of the Cherokee words.



  Cheyenne Dictionaries



  Chinook Dictionaries

Jim Holton's Chinook Jargon - Browsable PDF chapters, or purchase the book directly online: Chinook Jargon - The Hidden Language of the Pacific Northwest, Jim Holton, published by Wawa Press in 2004, an extensively researched history of Chinook jargon and a tutorial of the language.
George C. Shaw's The Chinook Jargon and How to Use It - Graphics facsimile reproduction of The Chinook Jargon and How to Use It, by George C. Shaw, published in 1909, free via Google Books.
W.S.Phillips' The Chinook book - Ebooks via the Open Library of The Chinook book; A Descriptive Analysis of the Chinook Jargon in Plain Words, Giving Instructions for Pronunciation, Construction, Expression and Proper Speaking of Chinook with All the Various Shaded Meanings of the Words, by Walter Shelley Phillips, published in 1913.
George Gibbs' Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon - Ebooks via Google Books of Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon, or Trade Language of Oregon, by George Gibbs, published in 1863.
J.M.R. Le Jeune's Chinook Rudiments - Ebooks via the Open Library of Chinook Rudiments, by J.M.R. Le Jeune in the Kamloops Wawa, No. 1739 (3 May 1924); written in hand.
J.M.R. Le Jeune's Practical Chinook Vocabulary - Graphics facsimile reproduction of Practical Chinook Vocabulary . . . arranged . . . after the plan of Right Rev. Bishop Durieu, by J.M.R. Le Jeune, published in 1886.
J.M.R. Le Jeune's Chinook and shorthand rudiments - Graphics facsimile reproduction of Chinook and shorthand rudiments: with which the Chinook jargon and the Wawa shorthand can be mastered without a teacher in a few hours, by J.M.R. Le Jeune in 1898.
François Norbert Blanchet's Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon - Graphics facsimile reproduction of Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon, to Which is Added Numerous Conversations, Thereby Enabling Any Person to Speak Chinook Correctly, by François Norbert Blanchet, published in 1869.
Blanchet, Demers, and Onge's Chinook Dictionary, Catechism, Prayers and Hymns - Graphics facsimile reproduction of Chinook Dictionary, Catechism, Prayers and Hymns, by François Norbert Blanchet, Modeste Demers, and L.N. St. Onge, published in 1871.
J.B. Good's A Vocabulary and Outlines of Grammar of the Nitlakapamuk or Thompson Tongue - Graphics facsimile reproduction of A Vocabulary and Outlines of Grammar of the Nitlakapamuk or Thompson Tongue . . . Together with a Phonetic Chinook Dictionary, Adapted for use in the Province of British Columbia, by J.B. Good, published in 1880.
Horatio Hale's An International Idiom - Graphics facsimile reproduction of An International Idiom: A Manual of the Oregon Trade Language, or "Chinook Jargon", by Horatio Hale, published in 1890.
Hutchings & Rosenfield's Vocabulary of the Chinook Jargon - Graphics facsimile reproduction of Vocabulary of the Chinook Jargon: The Complete Language Used by the Indians of Oregon, Washington Territory and British Possessions, published by Hutchings & Rosenfield in 1860.
Granville Stuart's Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon - Graphics facsimile reproduction of A Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon, in Use Among the Tribes of Oregon, Washington Territory, British Columbia, and the North Pacific Coast, with Critical and Explanatory Notes., by Granville Stuart in Montana As It Is, 1865.



  Cree Dictionaries

Dictionnaire de la langue Cris - French-Cree dictionary from 1874 in graphic facisimile reproduction.



  Inuktitut Dictionaries

Inuktitut Living Dictionary - Online dictionary of French-English-Inuktitut, with representations of Inuktitut in a number of fonts.



  Inupiaq Dictionaries

Interactive Inupiaq Dictionary - HTML Inupiaq-English dictionary alphabetically indexed, also with English to Inupiaq search.



  Lenape Dictionaries Lenape-English Dictionary - HTML dictionary of Lenape-English compiled to assist members of the Order of the Arrow in the language of the Lenape. The pages also have been compiled into a single PDF document, which can be freely downloaded or browsed online.
Order of the Arrow Lenape-English Glossary - Glossary of Lenape words and their English meanings.





  Mi'kmaq Dictionaries

Mi'kmaq Online Talking Dictionary - Online searchable bilingual Mi'kmaq-English dictionary with soundfile pronunciations in WAV format. This talking dictionary project is developing a 6,000+ word Internet resource for the Mi'gmaq/Mi’kmaq language. Three speakers record each word. Multiple speakers allow one to hear differences and variations in how a word is pronounced. Each recorded word is used in an accompanying phrase spoken by a single speaker. This permits learners the opportunity to develop the difficult skill of distinguishing individual words when they are spoken in a phrase.



  Mingo Dictionaries

West Virginia Mingo-English Dictionary - Small online bilingual Mingo-English dictionary with extensive linguistic information on each entry. This site is dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of Unyææshæötká', the language of the West Virginia Mingo. Mingo is an Iroquoian language native to the areas of western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia. It is a seriously endangered language, with very few native speakers remaining; however, in recent years, there has been increasing interest in the language among Mingo descendants, both in the traditional homeland areas, as well as across the country. Site also contains extensive information on grammar, pronunciation, and a Mingo archive.



  Ojibwe (Chippewa) Dictionaries



  Onondaga Dictionaries

John Shea's A French-Onondaga Dictionary - Online graphic facsimile reproduction of John Gilmary Shea's A French-Onondaga dictionary: from a manuscript of the seventeenth century, 1860.



  Salish Dictionaries

Saanich Classified Word List - Saanich vocabulary with English meanings, indexed by categories, also with an alphabetical index of English words and their Saanich equivalents.





  Shoshoni Dictionaries



  Tlingit Dictionaries

Franz Boas' Vocabularies Of The Tlingit Haida And Tsimshian Languages - Online graphic facsimile reproduction of Franz Boas' Vocabularies of the Tlingit Haida and Tsimshian languages, 1892.



  Yaqui/Hiaki Dictionaries