Platiquemos Spanish Course- Now with Free Zoom lessons and Teacher Support!

Platiquemos Spanish Course- Now with Free Zoom lessons and Teacher Support!
Platiquemos Spanish Course- Now with Free Zoom lessons and Teacher Support!

Platiquemos Spanish Course- Now with Free Zoom lessons and Teacher Support!



Learn Spanish Today, Speak Spanish Tomorrow 

With Platiquemos

Speaking Spanish sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s the learning part we struggle with.

Mastering Spanish is easier than you think. You don’t need to spend months taking an expensive course. You don’t have to sit through dull lessons. You don’t even have to go to Spain or Mexico (though we recommend it).

You can speak, read, and write Spanish with Platiquemos––the most widely sold Spanish language course on the market––quickly, easily, and enjoyably.

In just one course, you’ll develop basic Spanish that will boost your enthusiasm, motivation, and confidence for learning. Subsequent courses will take your speech and comprehension to the next level. You’ll also be introduced you to an easy learning strategy that supports language assimilation in a way that other Spanish courses don’t.

Whether you’re learning Spanish independently, teaching a class, or operating a language school, Platiquemos gives students the gusto to experiment, practice, and master Spanish quickly.

¡Ahora, platiquemos!––Now, let’s talk!


Why is Platiquemos the Most Fun & Effective Way
to Learn Spanish?

Learn On Your Terms

Learn Spanish anywhere, anytime with fun and engaging modules that guide you each step of the way. Our system is not about memorizing vocabulary or acquiring theoretical knowledge. It supports real understanding about language syntax for practical use.

Practice pronunciation and fluency with several audio courses. Gain explicit knowledge of language rules and structure with engaging texts. With downloadable or flash drive version,

Speak For Life

With Platiquemos, you’ll get the most comprehensive Spanish language learning system on the market. That means once you have the hang of it, you’ve got it for life. With regular, committed practice, you’ll learn to speak, read, and write Spanish fluently in just weeks. And you’ll have lifetime access to courses so you can revisit them anytime.

Over 200 illustrations support written lessons. Fun trivia tests your knowledge. Audio scripts support oral comprehension, which means you’ll learn written and spoken Spanish faster and more effectively. And you’ll get the bonus Spanish Readers for Language Learner series free.


Don’t Just Survive, Thrive


Pack more than a handful of Spanish words on your next trip to Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, or South America. Chat fluently with locals, get the best deals at the market, and immerse yourself in the culture. Discover how fun it is to play with a new language, especially Spanish, with its distinct cadence and delightful rolling Rs.


With over 50 hours of audio featuring 17 speakers representing the entire Spanish speaking world, you’ll acquire way more than words. You’ll learn to articulate the language like a native. Multiple opportunities to actively engage with other speakers help to refine your accent and boost your progress.


Platiquemos takes your learning further than Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, and other language acquisition systems.

What’s Included?

  • Lifelong access
  • Fast download option
  • Books and CD (manual version)
  • 8GB reusable USB drive (flash-drive version)
  • 50+ hours of audio practice in a variety of dialects
  • Free Spanish Readers for Language Learner series
  • 4 texts containing hundreds of lessons, plus audio scripts
  • Group prices and free instructional guides for teachers & schools

    2 free e-books for Spanish learners with the 8-Level Fluency Package


    Buy one course at a time or save and get bonus gifts when you buy the 8-Level Fluency Package.




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    Proof That Platiquemos Works


    Polyglots love it.

    4 Stars on

    Rated above 4 stars on Amazon.

    Buy Platiquemos in a Flash from Amazon Prime!

    Lawrence Eagleburger, former Secretary of State, suggests it will make you fluent in Spanish!

    "The course that works" has been completely revised and improved by Don Casteel, former Formal Service Officer, and Multilingual Books. This new edition has enhanced audio, male and female speakers, more than 200 illustrations, and trivia. The content is more contemporary than ever while retaining the language and grammar that make Platiquemos such a widely sold course.

  • What Our Students Say

  • "The FSI Basic Spanish course is arguably the best and most complete Spanish course in existence. " | 6 reviewers made a similar statement...

  • "5.0 out of 5 stars got to be simply the best and most complete self-learning Spanish course."

    I'm really excited about moving through and finishing the complete program."

    D. Allen | 3 reviewers made a similar statement...

    "I am a firm believer in the Foreign Service Institute's Spanish language program. I took the course early in my Foreign Service career, and thanks to the quality of the teaching methods used, was able to go from no competence in the language to an almost bilingual facility in only a  

    few months. I know of no method of teaching a foreign language that even approaches the quality of the FSI program." - Lawrence S. Eagleburger, former Secretary of State, April 1998.

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