Chinese Language in a Flash Foreign Service Courses


Get a comprehensive course for a fraction of the price on a handy USB flash drive

Each drive includes --Helpful text, 45 to 120 hours of audio recorded by native speakers, free e-books, and free upgrades for 3 years.  Advanced packages include extra levels, Bonus courses, and online tutoring.

Become fluent by:

Listening to native speakers
Practicing responding to commands
Reading explanations and doing practice exercises
Enjoying shows, cartoons, and books in your new language.
Communicating with your tutor and practice partner.


In the Chinese Mandarin edition, you get a complete Chinese Mandarin course designed for our diplomats and polyglots to master Chinese and be able to communicate with Chinese leaders, business people, and new Chinese Mandarin friends. Each level contains plenty of lessons each with native audio, and helpful explanations and practice. If you get the deluxe course you also get the Linguaphone PDQ course for extra practice in your car, with the Platinum edition you get the entire Foreign service and Linguaphone courses, 




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