Baby Berlitz Talk & Tunes Audio CD – 2004


Studies show that babies rapidly absorb language. Berlitz Publishing, the world leader in language education, and Howard Beckerman, creator and producer of the acclaimed Rush Hour series, have teamed up once again to create Baby Talk & Tunes, an inspiring musical language experience parents and babies can enjoy together. Baby Talk & Tunes makes each event of the day—waking up, eating, playing, resting—a language learning experience. Easy-to-remember original songs, words and phrases appropriate for the youngest learners, and tips for caregivers make this the ideal first language program for babies. Features: *Step-by-step directions *Tips for caregivers on how to incorporate "talk" into their daily routines *Upbeat original music and understandable lyrics performed in a variety of musical styles *Teaches simple words and phrases such as "Good Morning!," "I love you," "See the sun," "What’s for breakfast?" and "So delicious!" *Companion parent guide includes the full audio script and language-learning activities that complement each track on the audio




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