Begin in English SB 2: More Vocabulary-Expanding Short Stories for Beginners


Launch yourself  to more delightful and intriguing short stories and plays! Each level contains 14 short stories, plays, some biography and history, folk tales with mystery and humor.  They have been used in ESL Classes for the “launched beginner”: adolescents and adults that know some English and are familiar with the present and continuous tenses. The vocabulary is highly controlled and the word lists come from Oxford Picture Dictionary and Robert J. Dixson’s 2,000 Most Frequently Used Word in English. Reading easy stories that are not grammar based, and looking up words in their dictionaries as needed helps them acquire a great deal of new vocabulary quickly. This is facilitated by a simple step-by-step dictionary that precedes the stories. Exercises are consistent throughout. They test vocabulary and reading comprehension, and provide ample opportunities for conversation and writing.

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