Cambodian (Khmer) Comprehensive Course on a Flash Drive


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Learn to speak and understand Cambodian with this comprehensive course, with over 30 hours of audio and a 500 page of text all on a handy USB Flash drive.

Use it on all your devices and you can even give a copy to a family member or housemate.

This course teaches the standard dialect of the national language of Cambodia as well as the most important secondary dialect of Phnom Penh. The standard dialect occupies a central position among the dialects and corresponds more closely with the writing system than any other. The dialect of the capitol, Phnom Penh, differs sharply from the Standard in phonology but not appreciably in other respects. Level 1 comes with the equivalent of 19 CDs and a book; Level 2 with the equivalent of 29 CDs and a book, in a Digital Edition of the course, with MP3 audio and PDF text, all on your flash drive.

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