Chinese (Mandarin) Blip and Blab ESL Video Course


Learn English

Blip and Blab children's English video program makes learning fun! This innovative program was designed by ESL experts together with respected entertainment producers for both classroom and individual use. Together, they have created a 10 episode video course that effectively teaches while maintaining attention span and enthusiasm. And most importantly - this series works! The main storyline is built around two fun-loving aliens named Blip and Blab who are visiting Earth from a distant planet to learn English. While they are studying, they get involved in many zany adventures with Earth children. Blip and Blab start with the basics - numbers, letters, colors, adjectives, et cetera, and then advance to conversational English and more complex structures. The course includes 4 DVDs in versions for native speakers of Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, or Vietnamese. 

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