Conversational Choctaw


Learn Choctaw with three lessons on one CD with no workbook, just listen and repeat! This method of learning has been proven in schools, universities and language programs all over the world as one of the easiest and best ways to learn to speak a language!


In these programs, the first of a series, you'll hear and remember Choctaw words and phrases spoken by LeRoy Sealy, Choctaw Instructor at the University of Oklahoma. Recorded in a studio, you'll hear every syllable and nuance of the spoken Choctaw language.

Lesson 1 takes you on a shopping trip; learn how to ask for things, learn to say "Charge it" in Choctaw; Lesson 2 teaches you table conversations, how to ask for food, hand me a knife, I'd like some meat, etc; and Lesson 3 teaches you how to say sporting phrases in Choctaw, "Let's play baseball", etc. One audio CD. 

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