Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare DVD


This well-researched documentary presents a troubling portrait - and indictment - of the U.S. government's dismal failure to provide health care in fulfillment of federal treaty and trustee obligations with American Indian nations. is a quality, Hi Definition, feature-length documentary. Its sobering message will provoke debate and is highly recommended it to anyone wishing to understand the historical and contemporary experience of Native Americans.

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Peter Coyote narrates, inviting viewers to engage in the national dialogue on health care from a native perspective.

Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare Trailer:

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The powerful images and voices from some of the most vulnerable communities in Indian Country provide historical evidence of just how poorly health care services have been funded and managed, while hundreds of treaties promising health care, education and protected status in exchange for millions of acres of land, have continued to be dishonored and ignored by the federal government. Current perspectives are equally disheartening: the introduction and substitution of food commodities for traditional native diets is discussed as a major contributing factor to the alarming increase in diabetes, heart disease and other native health concerns.

Steven R. Heape - Producer, Executive Producer
Chip Richie - Director, Producer
Peter Coyote - Presented by
Dan Agent - Screenwriter
Dawn Avery - Composer (Music Score)
Shane Ray - Editor

Produced in High Definition. Running Time 60 Minutes. 
Rated for all ages. Close Captioned. NTSC All Regions.

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