Hebrew Foreign Service Remastered Book and CD course


Learn to speak and understand Hebrew whether you are traveling or trying to communicate with a new friend. This is the best course to learn Hebrew with. With over 25 hours of audio and hundreds of pages of text, you will learn to, Hebrew

You can get started today with an instant download or get fast and free shipping on the flash drive.

This course is one of the few that is comprehensive enough to help you become fluent.

The Foreign Service Institute program is designed to give students a command of spoken and written Hebrew. It lays a solid foundation for comprehensive language skills, and provides systematically for the development of reading proficiency based on oral skills. Comes with over 24 hours of native speaking audio and a 554 page book.  Learn more about the Foreign Service Method.

Now we have FSI Hebrew as an instant download and flash drive, featuring audio in MP3 format and text in PDF format.

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