iKnow Arabic Audio CD – Unabridged, 2008

iKnow Arabic will turn your video-compatible iPod® or your iPhone™ device into a pocket translator, allowing you to hear and see more than 1500 essential words, phrases, and conversations. You simply upload the iKnow files to a video-compatible iPod® device, and you can listen to and see foreign language expressions and English translations. A convenient navigation menu allows you to quickly find the phrases you need, and there’s plenty of repetition to perfect your pronunciation. Whether you want to order dinner in a restaurant or ask for directions, iKnow Arabic enables you to learn the basics and communicate easily without looking like a tourist with a dictionary in hand!

Key features:
• You can see and hear all the essential words and phrases you need, including conversations
• Topics include greetings and polite expressions, asking directions, meeting people, ordering in a restaurant, and more
• Includes a pocket-sized user's guide and a complete online PDF transcript of all the content

Works on any video-compatible iPod® nano, iPod® classic, iPod® touch, and iPhone™ device

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