Instant Immersion Learn to Speak Spanish Language 17 CD Beginner to Advanced + Transcripts


16 Regular CDs Play in your Car or Home CD Player

Entire course on 1 MP3 CD Download to iPod, MP3 Player or Smart Phone


The Quickest way to learn a language, guaranteed!

Learn in your car, at home, on a plane or just about anywhere!

Easy to follow for all levels and styles of learning!

Instant Immersion Spanish Deluxe Edition Audio

Experts agree that the best way to learn a new language is by surrounding yourself with native speakers. Instant Immersions's Spanish Deluxe Edition Audio learning system takes advantage of one of the most widely use methods in professional language learning to help you learn fast!

  • The #1 Value In Language Learning
  • Easy And Fun For The Whole Family
  • Learn On the Go with Lesson For Your iPod® or MP3 Player
  • Perfect For Business, Travel, School Or As A Refresher
  • Master Essential Vocabulary From Beginning To Advanced
  • Immerse Yourself In Dialogue Spoken By Native Speakers

A Fun, Easy And Affordable Way To Learn Spanish

Lesson Plan includes:

  • CD 1: Letter of the Alphabet and Common Sounds
  • CD 2: Greetings, Introductions and Subject Pronouns
  • CD 3: Gender Agreement, Physical Descriptions and Corresponding Verbs
  • CD 4: Weather, Numbers Irregular Verbs, Finding and Following Directions
  • CD 5: Days of the Week and Dates, Useful Shopping Terms
  • CD 6: Restaurants, Food and Corresponding Verbs
  • CD 7: Cultural Notes on Ethnic Foods and Customs
  • CD 8: Time/Hours, Corresponding Verbs, Use of Object Pronouns
  • CD 9: Travel Vocabulary, Planning a Trip, Using the Internet
  • CD 10: Hotels, Taking a Taxi, Checking In and Special Requests
  • CD 11: At the Market, Negotiating, Money
  • CD 12: Doctor's Office, Describing Symptoms, Insurance
  • CD 13: Finding A Pharmacy and Filling A Prescription
  • CD 14: Invitations, and Evening Out, Ordering Food
  • CD 15: Entertainment and Leisure Activities, Telling Time
  • CD 16; Sporting Events, Seasons and Holidays
  • iPOD & MP3 Audio Disc: Transfer all the lessons for on-the-go learning
Entire Course TRANSCRIPT on the MP3 CD

Includes 17 CD's New Still Sealed.

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