Linguaphone Greek PDQ Quick Acquisition Course CD's


Free Copy of greek Travel Pack with 2 cd's for a limited time with every purchase!!  Fast and Free Shipping as well! 


This is an amazingly efficient course that helps you quickly get on your feet with acquiring a new language. This course is great for students, travelers, and businesspeople. You will learn how to communicate in a variety of situations from common situations faced by travelers and businesspeople, to everyday conversations in which you discuss yourself, your family, and your life. The key is learning to converse.

Bonus- Get The PDQ course plus the Foreign Service intensive Greek course, levels 1,2 and 3,  on a a handy 8gb flash drive for only $125 


With Linguaphone's PDQ course, you aren't just taught words and phrases, but you're coached on how to actually converse using your new language. No need to be glued to a computer or textbook, you can use the 4 audio CDs in your car, MP3 player, or any other CD player. They are a perfect on-the-go alternative to acquiring a new language. You can learn in your car and then reinforce your knowledge with the workbook/learning guide. Then, once you have a basic understanding of the language, you can dramatically increase your communication abilities through the acquisition of hundreds of phrases in our comprehensive 250-page phrasebook. 



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