Mandarin Chinese Headstart course


You can now get the first 20 hours of a world class Chinese course for only $5.

You will learn to speak, read, and comprehend, mandarin Chinese in a variery of situations. The entire course consists of several modules with about 100 hours of audio and 1200 pages of text, which you can download for a limited time for only $49.

The focus of this course is on understanding in practical situations, and teaches Mandarin Chinese, the official dialect of the People's Republic of China. The material is organized into modules that deal with concrete situations or language topics; you select the modules that you want to study in the order that you prefer. Each Core module consists of audio CDs, a student textbook, and a workbook, and has from four to eight units. 

By practicing what you hear, your knowledge will expand and over time you can become fluent in Mandarin a key language of the new economy.

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