Music Maker 2014 by MAGIX CD-ROM

  • Included are 3000 top quality loops & samples, virtual instruments and studio effects; your next hit is only a few clicks away!
  • Advanced plugins included enable you to bring in the power guitar, elegant piano, bangin drums, and multiple synths, tunes, and beats.
  • Edit up to 99 tracks at once, with an intuitive customizable studio environment perfect for your first or masterpiece music production.
  • It's all right there - multitrack recording, precise audio editing, sound design, mixing with soundeffects, virtual instruments, mastering, and publishing - impressive Samplitude technology at anunbeatable price!
Platform: PC Disc

Your Songs. Your Sound.

MAGIX Music Maker 2014 makes it easier than ever to produce your own songs and tracks, whether you're a beginner or a pro. Step right in to the world of music: Thousands of loops, various genres, virtual instruments, and spectacular studio effects provide limitless possibilities and sensational results. MAGIX Music Maker 2014 features over 2000 new loops and sounds from the genres of Rock Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, Techno, Chillout, and Dubstep. An additional 1000 top sounds are available as a free download from the Catooh Online Media Marketplace. All samples can be combined with each other and with other melodies. They adjust automatically to the current song tempo, ensuring that you're always in time with the beat.

Create Your Own Songs

The recording function in MAGIX Music Maker 2014 has been reworked and simplified. Great recordings can now be achieved even faster enabling you to capture your ideas before the inspiration slips away. With the addition of Vocal Tune to MAGIX Music Maker 2014, the program now has a powerful tool for editing pitch. Vandal SE is a guitar and bass amplifier with unbelievable sound fidelity and lots of effects for a fantastic rock sound just like pros. A vast selection of effects and presets designed by professional audio engineers makes it easy to find your own sound and create the perfect mix. Adjust the volume on each of the 99 possible tracks and enhance the sound with genuine effects.

Virtual Instruments

Produce your own tracks in your own style. With soundpools that can be combined, Vita Solo Instruments and the new DN-e1 synthesizer there's no limit to how creative you can be. MAGIX Music Maker 2014 now has integrated VST support, making it easy to add other instruments and effects. Virtual instruments: Power Guitar, Electric Piano, Drum Engine, BeatBox 2. Power Guitar is offered as a free download after program installation.

MAGIX Soundpools

MAGIX Music Maker 2014 features over 2,000 new loops and sounds from the genres of Rock Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, Techno, Chillout, and Dubstep. An additional 1,000 top sounds are available online.


Thanks to numerous studio-quality effects and the integrated mixing console you can achieve amazing mixes every time. Your tracks will sound brilliant, powerful, and crystal clear.

Create Your Own Songs

The unique Music Maker Principle makes music production fun and simple – no previous experience necessary. Soundpool DVD Collection 18 included with over 6000 additional sounds and loops. Drag and drop loops to achieve amazing results in no time at all.


You can also easily share your songs with friends. Save songs as MP3s, burn to CD, or post directly on Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube.


Simply record your vocals or an instrument such as guitar, bass, or keyboard on one track and move on with ease to record the next one.

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