ASL Sign Generator 2

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  • Sign Generator 2 is a unique software program that produces ASL art images above your text as you type - you also can input text by scanning or copying/pasting text from a screen! It has a translation lexicon of over 25,000 English words/phrases/idioms/numbers/symbols.


This amazing software has 4 handy features, perfect for classroom or communication use: Type and instantly have ASL images appear above your words. If there are more than one sign for a single English word, the software will give you choices.


Sign Generator 2 has the ability to change a word into fingerspelled letters, and the ability to hide signs; you can use the Dictionary to find and print individual sign graphics, and customize Flashcards using any of the over 9,000 signs in the database. Choose whether to have signs only, words only, pictures only, signs & words, or signs, words & pictures. Make your own Matching Worksheets, so your students or children can learn to associate English words with signs. Re-scramble the words to create new challenges. And then print and save your creations!