Remote Real-Transcription Training for In-School Use

Remote Real-Transcription Training for In-School Use

Remote Real-Transcription Training for In-School Use



Trains users on the implementation of a speech to text conversion system that would allow students access to classroom lectures, word for word. Real-time access for the Deaf and hard of hearing!



Deaf students and adults often miss out on communication in mainstream situations. Sometimes, an interpreter just isn’t available. It’s also hard to take notes and watch an interpreter at the same time. This product provides guidance and training to schools and work environments in setting up a system for converting speech (e.g., classroom lectures and discourse) to text in real time. You can save the text for later review too. The word "remote" denotes the fact that the speech transcriber does not have to be physically in the same room to deliver the service.

Basics of how remote real-time transcription works:

  1. The speaker wears a wireless microphone and transmitter.

  2. The transcriber uses headphones and a receiver to hear the speaker. The transcriber uses a microphone to repeat verbatim what the speaker says. Speech recognition software converts the transcriber’s speech to text on the computer screen.

  3. The deaf person uses screen-sharing software with the transcriber to see the text.

This CD contains:

  • Instructional manual

  • Tips for school use

  • Sample training readings

  • Sample training audio recordings

NOTE: Speech recognition software and hardware (e.g., microphone, transmitter) are not included in this instructional guide and must purchased or obtained separately if training is implemented.