Russian Sign Language/American Sign Language Translator

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This CD-ROM is an easy, entertaining way to learn signed or printed vocabulary in one of three languages: Russian Sign Language (RSL),  American Sign Language (ASL), or English. The sign language equivalents of over 575 Russian and English words can be identified in bath RSL and ASL, and translations can be obtained from MSL to ASL or vice versa by way of video clips showing actual signers. When opening the program, four boxes and two flags appear on the screen with ASL information on the left and MSL information on the right. The upper boxes contain lists of words. Below the word lists are two boxes for typing words. Video clips will appear where the flags are first shown after a video button is clicked. To select a word or sign, scroll through either the English or Spanish word lists or type in letters and/or words in the boxes provided. Once a word in either language has been identified, click on either video button to see a video clip of that sign. An hourglass appears on the cursor while each video plays.

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