Cinderella: English to Italian, Level 1 (Hey Wordy Magic Morphing Fairy Tales)


The story begins in English, then magically transforms into Italian! Each book contains the words from the previous levels!


START WITH LEVEL 1 - Begin by learning 20 new words! Each level contains the words from the previous levels, so keep going! This innovative foreign language series is your first step into the Italian language, designed to motivate want to learn more! Through familiar fairy tales, colorful pictures, and ear training with our audio program (included), our unique Magic Morphing Fairy Tales method is their perfect introduction to foreign languages by presenting 20+ new Italian words in a fun, fast, non-intimidating, and truly easy way!


Here’s how it works...


An English word in the fairy tale is circled with its Italian translation in the column;

From that moment forward, the Italian word (written in red) will be used throughout the rest of the story... and it will be used again and again in context!

As the fairy tale progresses, more and more Italian words are added like a big language train gathering words along the way;

The new words are repeated throughout the story helping to reinforce understanding;

By the end of the book, your child has easily learned 20+ new Italian words in context!

It’s easy! And remember... each level uses words taught from previous you’ll want to continue with the next levels.



A free downloadable audio program is available with each book so that your child can hear the entire story read aloud with sound effects and fully orchestrated original music composed, arranged, and performed by author David Burke.


Get all three levels as a set!


Level 1: Cinderella

Level 2: Goldilocks

Level 3: Beauty and the Beast




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