A Pocket for Cordoroy

A Pocket for Cordoroy

A Pocket for Cordoroy

Enjoy these wonderful stories, filled with activities and learning experiences for children. Told in spoken English and ASL, these stories are sure to enrapt any child, deaf or hearing.



Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7 with a DVD drive

  • or, TV DVD player

This CD-ROM brings to life popular children’s books through original music, voice and American Sign Language (ASL) video. Using the free 7-page children’s activity guides and lesson plans, this DVD becomes a several-hour bi-lingual learning experience for all children. Stories included are:

A Pocket For Corduroy: Corduroy, a lovable stuffed bear, gets lost in a laundromat looking for a pocket. After an all-night adventure, he is rescued from a laundry basket by his owner and taken home to safety.

Blue Burt and Wiggles: Who says a bird and a worm can't be best friends? Join Blue Burt and Wiggles on their quest to make summer last forever.

Big Al: In a tale that emphasizes the importance of character, rather than appearance, Big Al, a nobbly, gnarly fish, has trouble getting other fish to judge him on his merits but finds a way to show his true colors.