DinoLingo Czech for Children or Home-school One year Membership

DinoLingo Czech for Children or Home-school One year Membership

DinoLingo Czech for Children or Home-school One year Membership


 DinoLingo is an online language learning program for children that uses a self learning method. Now your child or students can learn Arabic at home on almost any device.

Children learn languages by watching videos and playing games independently at home.

Great resource for homeschooling families.

Recommended for children between the ages of 2 and 12


A subscription package with all the DinoLingo languages is also available!

DinoLingo All Languages Subscription


How do children learn with DinoLingo?

The DinoLingo Method

Full Immersion:

Children learn languages best by repetition, DinoLingo utilizes this natural
way of learning by repeating common phrases and words with engaging video
lessons and games.

Contextual Variation

All the words presented in the DinoLingo programs are presented in 4
different contexts.

High-Pitched Female Voices
Studies show that young children respond best to high pitched voices,
therefore DinoLingo uses actors that have this vocal range.

All the DinoLingo voices are performed by native speakers.


Captions are presented for all words, using the local character and the
English (Latin) alphabet

Neonate Characters (age appropriate animated characters)

The animated characters have cute baby-like faces, with no monstrous,
scary or wild characters.

Gradual Interval Recall
Words are introduced and re-introduced in a timed fashioned,
triggering the child’s memory

Videos with animation that includes objects that look and behave as if
they were alive capture the child’s imagination and curiosity

Sudden Surprises

DinoLingo uses scientifically tested visual techniques such as sudden
appearances, zoom-ins and fun and interesting sounds to keep the learning
child interested as they learn

Optimum Combination Of 3D/2D Animation

DinoLing uses a child’s preference for animation by primarily using 2D and
3D animation in all videos.



Our "Print" section includes 18 Mandarin Chinese worksheets from numbers to colors and more. It also includes a printable animal picture dictionary, coloring book, activity book, printable progress chart and report, a flag of China and more for fun family activities.