Fernando Cortez in German


Young Fernand, a Spanish military leader of great expectations, leaves his country in the company of his brother Alvarez and his trusted friend Moralez and they go to Mexico.


In the land of the Aztecs he encounters a king who ends up being magnanimous, Montezuma II, and the love of his life, the beautiful princess Amazily. Amazily and Fernand share their desire of peacefully uniting their two peoples.


At the end will the two young people succeed in making their dream come true? The lively but painstaking text of Elena Cervigni transposed with the illustrations drawn in pencil and watercolors by Stefania Pravato, give children the first volume dedicated to Gaspare Spontini.


Quadrilingual volume:

Italian, English, French, German

Author: Elena Cervigni

Illustrator: Stefania Pravato

Prefaced by: Riccardo Muti

Composer: Gaspare Spontini

Original libretto by: Etienne de Jouy and

Joseph Alphonse d'Esmenard


 # Pages: 44

Format: Paperback





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