This fairy tale takes place in an imaginary timeless Egypt full of palm trees, flowers, magic animals, dangerous serpents and helpful young genii.  It tells about the initiation of two young couples in love.  Their backgrounds are very different.  Tamino and Pamina are a prince and princess and Papageno and Papagena are commoners.  In their different ways each couple strives for final perfection so they can achieve happiness, love and universal wisdom.

The trials each couple meet will only be overcome by two magical instruments: a flute for Tamino and chimes for Papageno.  Without these two instruments the merely human qualities of the two would not be enough to allow them to be victorious.

The moral of this fairy tale is that with hard work, good can triumph over evil.  Good shines a light that never dies and is made greater by human compassion, honored and rewarded by everlasting beauty.

Quadrilingual volume: Italian, English, Japanese, German

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