Greek Linguaphone Comprehensive Acquisition Bundle

Greek Linguaphone Comprehensive Acquisition Bundle

Greek Linguaphone Comprehensive Acquisition Bundle


The Comprehensive Acquisition Bundle

The Linguaphone Comprehensive Acquisition Course is truly comprehensive instruction. The power and effectiveness of this course is due to the multi-faceted teaching methods that are employed. Through the use of the Comprehensive Acquisition Course, you will quickly train and develop the 4 primary language skills: Comprehension (Listening & Understanding), SpeakingReading, and Writing. The Comprehensive Acquisition Bundle is available for $399 for Dutch and Japanese$499 for Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, and Thai, and $549 for French and Spanish.

The ability to understand the spoken language is critical to acquiring a new language. Linguaphone's powerful methods of instruction focus greatly on one's ability to comprehend the new language. Through the use of interactive audio content and listening exercises, you will quick hone your abilities to understand native speakers with clarity and confidence.

Most who are interested in learning a new language are primarily interested in being able to speak; it is a cornerstone of being able to communicate in a new language. Linguaphone courses provide exceptional training in the pronunciation of words and phrases, instruction on how construct your own sentences, and ultimately, to be able to express yourself confidently and clearly in the target language.

When learning a new language whether in preparation to visit another country, or to have the ability to communicate better with co-workers or friends, the ability to read is extremely valuable. As you learn your new language, the ability to see what you are learning will greatly enhance your overall learning experience - the outcome will be far better. Through developing your ability to read, you are enhancing your learning experience and helping your brain to more permanently store the new information. Linguaphone's method of audio instruction, combined with visual instruction through the use of exercise and reading texts, helps you achieve fluency faster than any other method.

The ability to write in your target language is a skill that is often overlooked by other language programs. The use of writing in a new language, similar to reading, is an amazingly effective skill which allows one to more fully learn and acquire a new language. The ability to write in the new language will assist you in the other three areas of learning. If you are able to write in your new language, you'll more efficiently develop the area of your brain in which new language is learned. It will enhance your ability to comprehend, speak, and read.

Set Your Own Pace
Unlike traditional methods of learning a new language, with the Linguaphone method of language acquisition, you are in complete control of your learning. The courses were created with many different learning styles in mind. You can go as fast or as slow as you see fit. You won't be bogged down with endless, mind-numbing repetition and won't feel left behind.

Many who seek to learn a language at a college or community center often find that the schedules are inconvenient and the classes are not oriented to the personal needs of each student. With Linguaphone, you won't feel lost or left behind. Linguaphone is your personal instructor that you use when you're ready, on your own set schedule.

Multiple Learning Formats = Better Overall Learning
Anytime we learn anything, we learn through sensory inputs (sight, sounds, touch, feel, etc.). The more you stimulate your senses during the learning process, the better you learn any given concept. For example, if you are learning how to change the oil in your car, you would learn much better if you physically changed the oil rather than just reading about it. You would learn the concept even better if you read about how to do it, and then learned using the hands-on approach.

This concept readily applies to language learning. Many language courses are just text books, others are just audio CDs. The Comprehensive Acquisition Course employs the use of text books, accompanying audio CDs, all-audio learning, and CD-ROM interactive learning. In short, it taps into as many of your senses as possible to ensure that you learn, retain, and actually use your new language.

What You Will Learn
In order to actually learn and acquire a new language, you need two main components:

1. Understanding of the structure and rules of the language
2. Vocabulary
Linguaphone offers both.

Many courses on the market today will list everything that you will learn line-by-line. Linguaphone courses teach you the language and how to use it. When you're finished with the course, you will not be able to simply repeat the phrases that you've learned, you will be able to create your own sentences and have your own conversations. Linguaphone will give you the necessary tools to actually use your new language and make it a part of yourself.

Through the use of the Comprehensive Acquisition Course, you will gain a solid vocabulary of 3000-5000 words (the average person uses about 1500-2000 words per day). You will be able to initiate and maintain face-to-face conversations on a variety of subjects both personal and professional. But more importantly, you will be taught the methods of actually using the language in your everyday life. You will be trained to take your growing knowledge of the language and infuse additional skills with each lesson until you obtain fluency.


The Comprehensive Acquisition Course includes:

  • 12-16 Digitally Recorded Compact Discs w/ native speakers (6-9 for Dutch, Japanese, and Swedish)
  • 1 Full Color Workbook (PDQ Course Book)
  • Handbook
  • Textbook
  • Translation Book
  • Alphabet Book
  • Written Exercise Book
  • Oral Exercise Book
  • Study Guide
  • 250-Page Pocket Phrasebook/Mini Dictionary

The Handbook is your tutor. Written in your own language, it provides you with all the necessary language guidance and explanations. It also includes a list of vocabulary and covers all the grammatical points as new words and phrases are introduced in the recordings.

The Textbook is a printed and illustrated transcription of the audio recordings in the language's script. This means that you can follow the text while listening to the CDs and also become familiar with the spelling and structure of the language.

Written Exercise Book 
The Exercise Book allows you to practice what you've learned in language's script.

Oral Exercise Book 
Spoken practice and exercises (in script) improve your accent and pronunciation.

Study Guide 
Full instructions on how to plan your study and get the most out of your course.

Translation Book 
A Romanized version of the text from the Textbook to assist with pronunciation, with English translations mirrored on the opposite page.

Alphabet Book 
This booklet gives you details and information on how to recognize and write the letters of the alphabet.

Pocket Phrasebook/Mini Dictionary 
By Lonely Planet. A great companion for traveling and also for increasing your knowledge of common words and phrases