English Greek Bilingual Book The Life of Cleopatra

Looking for a fun way to learn Greek? We’ve got the book series for you! Our new bilingual text series features books written in Greek for all skill levels. Translated sentence by sentence, the corresponding English translation is placed below the original Greek sentence so you can easily compare the vocabulary and sentence structure. We have found this presentation technique creates a fun and motivating way to learn, with many readers saying the learning experience is similar to putting a puzzle together. Our readers learn a new language faster, because they are reading content that interests them and the sentence by sentence translation guarantees that the natural reading flow is not interrupted. Learn Two Things At Once! Using modern language, we present fresh views on exciting and important historical events, so that not only do you learn a new language, but you also gain valuable general knowledge. So are you ready to start learning Greek while also improving your general knowledge? If so, get our Bilingual Text Series today! Books included in this series are: The Life of Cleopatra The Adventures of Julius Caesar The Starry Night With this edition you get: • Translations that use modern, “chatty” language so that you better understand what’s written and learn words people actually use today! • Stories written to entertain you. They are funny, interesting AND they carry educational value so you’ll want to keep reading and learning! • Stories told by different characters in the first person – this unique story-telling method will keep you engaged and make your reading experience even more enjoyable! • Content that is based on facts so that you increase your general knowledge, while also learning a new language!

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