Italian In a Flash


Learn Quickly and easily with the effective Italian in a Flash Foreign Service Italian program. Using the respected "Guided Imitation" method you will get all the practice you want, to master the vocabulary, listening and speaking skills, of the Italian language. Travelers will be happy to know that the popular Fast Italian course is included, so ordering food, asking directions and other basic conversations are speedily learned.

  • Included on your flash drive is The Fast Italian  15 hours of remastered Mp3 audio and 400 pages of written material in Pdf format.
  • Programmatic Italian the complete Foreign Service Italian course with over 30 hours of audio and text.
  • Get classic Italian books and plays, including the Le avventure di Pinocchio, Favole di Jean de La Fontaine, read by native speakers.
  • Plus you will get updates for 1 year of any improvements and addition to the Italian course. 
  • Compatible with any computer, tablet or Ipad, easily transfer files to where you want to use them! 

The deluxe version also includes the entire Linguaphone Italian course and another USB with the Talk Now World Talk software series. Since these are other vendors the price is higher, still compared to Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur you will get more content at a better price than with any other system.





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