Rhythm and Role Play Student Text

Rhythm and Role Play Student Text

Rhythm and Role Play Student Text


In this text, enjoyment becomes part of the process of learning. Carolyn Graham and Sergio Aragones here combine their talents. This multifaceted volume enlivens English As A Second Language classrooms for middle school through adult classes, from low intermediate through advanced university levels.

Each of its thirteen high-spirited plays is inspired by a witty, uncaptioned cartoon story. The cartoons offer opportunities for creativity and vocabulary expansion. The plays, in the natural rhythm of speech, give students a chance to practice both in chorus and individually, in informal American English. Varied exercises encourage writing and discussion.

Pronunciation practice, focusing on difficult sounds in English, is also rhythmic; colloquialisms and idioms are introduced where appropriate. Combining rhythm with repetition promotes an easy flow between words and facilitates
pronunciation and phrasing as in normal conversation. Students can listen and chant along with Carolyn and group performing all the plays.

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