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Learn to speak and understand Igbo whether you are traveling or trying to communicate with a new friend. This is the best course to learn Igbo with. With 12 hours of audio and hundreds of pages of text, you will learn to, Speak, Read and Understand the Igbo language in no time. 

You can get started today with an instant download or get fast and free shipping on the flash drive or book and CD Course. 

This course is one of the few that is comprehensive enough to help you become fluent.

The Foreign Service Institute program is designed to give students a command of spoken and written Amharic. It lays a solid foundation for comprehensive language skills, and provides systematically for the development of reading proficiency based on oral skills. Comes with over 12 hours of native speaking audio.  Learn more about the Foreign Service Method.

The Igbo Basic Course is based on the speech of two members of the Ezinehite group of Igbos in Central Owerri Province between the towns of Owerri and Umuahia, Eastern Nigeria; their speech is representative the dialect called "Central Igbo". The essential phonological and grammatical structures of Igbo are presented within a small vocabulary. This course is a companion with the courses in Twi, and Yoruba, two other languages of West Africa in the Niger-Congo family. It represents an effort to apply a combination of proven classroom techniques, and new ones that were especially devised for the teaching of complex tonal systems. Igbo has been less studied by trained linguists than some other African languages, so this course presents basic research into the structure of the language. The preparation of this course was based on classroom experience with Foreign Service Officers as students. Comes with 12 CDs, and a 498-page book. The digital version of this course comes with MP3 audio files and a copy of the text in PDF format, INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE.

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