Abridged Iñupiaq English Dictionary

Abridged Iñupiaq English Dictionary (Iñupiallu Tannillu Uqalunisa Ilanich) by MacLean, Edna, ed. This concise and easy-to-use dictionary of North Slope Iñupiaq is intended for classroom and general use. There are more than 3,400 Iñupiaq noun and verb stem entries and about the same number of English-to-Iñupiaq entries. The dictionary has three sections: Iñupiaq noun and verb stems with English translations, Iñupiaq postbases to English, and English words with Iñupiaq translations. An introduction explains the basic grammar and sounds of the language. This is an essential guide, useful for anyone from beginning learners to advanced speakers of the language. It can be used as part of a formal curriculum, as a reference work, or as a practical tool for self-study. Language: Inupiaq (North Slope) (I11)

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