Dena'ina Legacy, A: K'tl'egh'I Sukdu

Dena'ina Legacy, A: K'tl'egh'I Sukdu by Kalifornsky, Peter ; Kari, James ; Boraas, Alan A collection of 147 original writings by Peter Kalifornsky, one of the last speakers of the Kenai dialect of the Dena'ina language. He was a self-taught writer and scholar who composed stories, language lessons, poetry, and songs in his native language. His works include old Dena'ina beliefs, stories about shamans and relationships between animals and humans, lessons on behavior and success, tales of old Dena'ina life, lists of place names on the Kenai Peninsula, recollections of events in his own life, and translatins of well-known prayers, hymns, songs and poems. With illustrations, photos, maps, bibliography. Language: Dena'ina (TA27)

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