In Honor of Eyak: The Art of Anna Nelson Harry

In Honor of Eyak: The Art of Anna Nelson Harry by Krauss, Michael E. Anna Nelson Harry was one of the last surviving speakers of Eyak. Collected here are traditional stories, history, and poetic compositions as told by Anna in her native language to linguist Michael Krauss. The texts reflect life as members of the tiny Eyak nation knew it. They are grouped in five major topical sections: "On Greatness and Smallness," "On Good and Evil," "On Husband and Wife," "On Identity and Conflict," and "On the Beginning and End of Eyak History." Krauss adds insights and commentary to the stories as he explains the social and economic conditions that defined Eyak life in Anna's time. In this book, Anna's stories are transcribed and edited from tape recordings. Krauss has provided a line-by-line English translation as well as a free translation, giving the reader both a sense of the poetic quality of Anna's Eyak speech and an idea of what the stories would have been like if they had been told in English. Copies of the original audio recordings of Anna's tales come with the book. Includes illustrations, photos. Language: Eyak (EY01)

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