Iñupiaq Phrases and Conversations Book and 2 Audio CD's

Iñupiaq Phrases and Conversations by Kaplan, Lawrence ; Williams, Lorena Students, visitors, or anyone interested in gaining an introductory knowledge of the Kotzebue dialect of Iñupiaq Eskimo will find a valuable resource in this combined audio text and guidebook. Native speakers clearly pronounce familiar words and typical conversations that are part of everyday life in Northwestern Alaska. Readers may follow the spoken Iñupiaq with the English translation, and sufficient time is allowed to repeat the words and phrases. An introduction explains the letters of the Iñupiaq alphabet, many of which look the same as in English but represent sounds different from any found in English. The set is divided into 29 sections: common expressions and requests, introductions between people, and dialogues on place names, the weather, foods, household items, and hunting. Booklet and two audio CDs. Language: Inupiaq (Kobuk) (Q02)

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