Living in the Chief's House Book

Living in the Chief's House (Khehkwaii Zheh Gwiich'i') by Peter, Katherine At age eight, Katherine Peter was taken by steamboat from her birthplace in Stevens Village to Fort Yukon, where her mother, Annie, was hospitalized for tuberculosis. Annie died just a few months later, and her last request was that Katherine be raised in the home of Chief Esias Loola and his wife, Katherine. While living in the chief's house, Katherine was immersed in Gwich'in culture and lifestyle. The Loolas were humanitarians who gave of themselves by partaking in traditional activities and events. Potlatches, dances, political meetings, holidays, and living off the land required an enormous amount of organizational skill. Katherine's writing provides details about a time not so long ago when Native people were still steeped in traditional culture while they were also beginning to settle more deeply into communities as we know them today. Katherine's story is written in her native Gwich’in with English translation. Includes photos. Language: Gwich'in (GA29)

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