Old Time Stories of the Scottie Creek People


Old Time Stories of the Scottie Creek People (Ttheek'and Ut'iin Yaaniida' Oonign') by Tyone, Mary ; Kari, James Mary Tyone, born in 1935 to Bell and Laura John in the Upper Tanana village of Scottie Creek on the Chisana River, heard many traditional Native stories as a youth. As the youngest child of elderly parents, Mary had the special training of a ddhuugn, the favorite. She had a vast song and story repertoire, represented here by 17 tales and legends. Mary was well known not only for her skills as a storyteller, but also for her remarkable linguistic abilities. She was fluent in all the surrounding Athabascan languages: Ahtna, Tanacross, Southern and Northern Tutchone, and even the very different Gwich’in. Includes a map, illustrations, photographs, and bibliography. Transcribed and edited by James Kari. Language: Upper Tanana (UT03)


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