Beginning Slovak Book and Cd's


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Learn how to speak read and understand Slovak with this great course.

Beginning Slovak

This is the first modern full-length course of Slovak for English speakers. Each lesson is designed to be covered in approximately two weeks of study, focusing on specific, everyday topics in the form of dialogs, vocabulary, exercises, sentences for translation, and readings. Grammar is presented matter-of-factly and explicitly, on a level adequate for understanding and making creative use of the conversations and readings. The order of presentation follows the order in which the grammatical topics arise naturally out of the textual material, which is illustrated with photographs, drawings, folk songs with music, and clippings from newspapers and magazines. The language in this book is modeled on the colloquial speech of younger educated speakers residing in present-day Slovakia. The student who masters the material in this book will be able to read, understand, and communicate with people in Slovakia, as well as participate successfully in summer-study programs at Slovak universities. This is the most complete course in Slovak available and includes 6 CDs (8hr.) and a 522 page text.
"...takes its place as by far the best introductory Slovak text for English speakers, ever." - (SEEJ)


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