Functionally Fluent Intermediate Coursebook

Functionally Fluent Intermediate Coursebook

Functionally Fluent Intermediate Coursebook


This innovative, fun, 10-Unit, 116-page, full-color printed Spanish-as-a-Foreign-Language course for adults teaches you to do things in Spanish at work, at home, while traveling, and around town, so you can confidently say, “I speak Spanish fluently!”

Learn to do 50 more things in Spanish with this Intermediate Spanish Course - or your money back! Functionally Fluent! is the best way to learn a new language, and the best way to learn Spanish  guaranteed.


More than just a Spanish language phrasebook or conversational Spanish course, Functionally Fluent! is a full, 360-degree language learning course, which will teach you to actually become fluent in Spanish.We’ll guide you step-by-step through truly interactive exercises, so you can practice speaking Spanish in real life.

The Functionally Fluent! system includes fun activities, relatable dialogs, full-color photos and illustrations, and the following features, which are the essential "building blocks" of the Functionally Fluent! language learning system:

- ¡Practica! Intermediate Spanish exercises to help you actually speak with others
- Grasping Grammar features to demystify patterns
- Spanish Can Be Sneaky! boxes to point out fun quirks
- Quiz and Be Quizzed! vocabulary exercises to help you practice interactively
- Let's Review! sections to increase language learning retention

Bonus Sections include:

- Pronunciation and Spelling - simplify basic Spanish sounds & symbols
- Functions Review - track your progress chapter by chapter
- Final Functions Review - track your progress level by level
- Forward Functions Guide - preview your next level
- Spanish-English Glossary - clarify words, using your own language
- Answer Key - instant feedback on how you're doing
- Vocab "Cheat Sheets" - recap words you learned, by category

Bonus Spanish Audio Component includes:

- Audio tracks corresponding to each unit of your Functionally Fluent! Spanish coursebook
- Friendly, encouraging guidance from internationally-renowned polyglot, expert language teacher, and course creator and author, Diana Maria Gruber - who is a native Spanish speaker
- A spoken reading of every exercise in your Spanish language coursebook- Correct pronunciation of all exercises in your Spanish language coursebook
- A perfect way to review your Spanish course at home, at work, or in your car
- A variety of ways to access audio - free MP3 Spanish course audio downloads (links included in your Spanish language coursebook), or easy-to-use physical Spanish learning CDs (available for purchase separately)

We guarantee with Functionally Fluent! you'll learn to speak fluent Spanish. We’re confident this course is the best way to become fluent in Spanish. In fact, we promise with Functionally Fluent! you’ll learn more than you've ever learned before with any other foreign language course, or your money back!

¿Eres maestra o maestro de español? ¿Necesitas un curso de español como idioma extranjero para enseñarles a tus estudiantes cómo aprender español? ¡Functionally Fluent! te ayudará en cantidad! ¡Compra Functionally Fluent! hoy mismo!