Learn French Language in a Flash Deluxe USB

Learn French Language in a Flash Deluxe USB

Learn French Language in a Flash Deluxe USB

$49.00 $34.95


Open the doors of opportunity by learning French with French in a Flash! This system has been used by over a hundred thousand language learners, diplomats, travelers, to become more proficient in speaking and understanding French and other languages.

Get a fantastic and comprehensive course for a fraction of the price of Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur on a handy USB flash drive  

Now Includes:

  • Accelerated French Audio Course (9 hours) (deluxe and Platinum editions)
  • All four levels of the Foreign Service Method French remastered with 60 hours of audio and 4 texts 
  • Free Hour of Language Tutoring Online
  • Free digital copy of our Learn French Animals book
  • Several French e-books and audio books
  • Free updates and new lessons

Become fluent by:

Listening to native speakers
Practicing responding to commands
Reading explanations and doing practice exercises
Enjoying shows, cartoons and books in your new language.
Communicating with your tutor and practice partner.

 In the French edition you get a complete French course designed for our diplomats and polyglots to master French and and be able to communicate with French leaders, business people and new French friends. Each level contains plenty of lessons each with native audio and helpful explanations and practice.

Now on special for $39 a 40% savings!!

Comes on a handy 8 GB flash drive

Learning phrases and practicing listening in French is the best way for you get ready for your trip to Paris!