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ASTÉRIX EL GALO / ESPAÑOLAstérix - La sorpresa del César / ESPAÑOL


Fun Facts About Asterix:Asterix was created by writer René Goscinny and illustrator Albert Uderzo 

  • Asterix has been translated into 112 languages and is in the top ten of boosk for amount of languages translated into
  • There are 36 Asteric and Oberlix Books
  • The Asterix comics are based on the history of the Gauls, and is generally set in 50 BC in a Gaulish (French) village in Armorica (Brittany), that is trying to hold out against the invading Romans.
  • Asterix comic book characters have their Gaul names end in ‘ix’, like Asterix, ‘us’ for the Roman’s names, eg. Pseudonymus , and towns that end in ‘um’, like Aquarium.
  • Asterix may not be a viking based on the spelling of his name

Asterix El Golpe De Menhir Película Completa en Español Latino

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