Tired of lots of disks and the waste to the environment with all that material? We thought about the best ways to get comprehensive language courses to you. Downloads are convenient and inexpensive, for many of us though with slow internet connections, and or busy schedules, getting a large French or Spanish course downloaded might take a while. So now you can receive our courses on USB.   


What you get is a complete course to learn any of 25 languages, with all audio files in MP3 format and the book in PDF format. You can read and listen on any computer or download to a MP3 player. Since books are still a great thing, we can include a printed version of the book in your package as well, Just email us at multilingualdeals@gmail.com  what language you want to learn, and how you want it, and we will email back the options and pricing, plus links to our plentiful free content to help you learn languages.


Feel free to call 800 609 6211 as well, we are here to help.


thank you,