German Crossword Puzzles and Word Games

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  German Crosswords

Crosswords and word games are a fun way to learn some German. We also have crosswords in many languages plus for German learners we have downloads, German radio, German magazines, and even German cartoons. Crosswords - Many crosswords in German, plus a number of other language puzzle games.
Free Daily Translation Crosswords - From English to German, and other language combinations.
Lexisrex Crosswords - German Crosswords: Printable or online crosswords for learners of German, new puzzles available regularly. You can also play an online German hangman game.
NZZ Online - Weekly crossword puzzle in German.
Das Virtuelle Rätselheft - German crossword portal with 12 different types of crossword puzzles.

Subject Crosswords in German - German crosswords with words fitting specific subject categories.


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